Paige Diamond vs Sex Therapist

Who Is Paige Diamond?

Beyond being a sexpert, certified sex coach and author, Paige Diamond is a trailblazer spearheading a global shift in the approach and expression of sexuality. Her experience in the sexuality industry spans nearly a decade and it shows in her uncensored, down to earth intellectual approach to sexuality. Whether it’s via her books, appearances, classes and events, Paige has gone on to help countless couples and singles enhance their sex lives and increase the chemistry, satisfaction and intimacy in their relationships.  She strives to not only bridge the gap between sexuality and spirituality through coaching, the use of Reiki and more but really change the dynamic in which sexuality is approached as a whole. Paige is a life-long student of sexuality and thrives on helping individuals create their own playbook in their bedrooms. It’s because of her proven strategies, relatable demeanor and vision she is The Diamond Standard of Innovative Intimacy.

What Makes Paige Qualified

  • Certified Life Coach with specializations in Relationships, Sexuality, Success and Empowerment
  • Certified Coach Trainer
  • Author
  • Magazine Columnist
  • Usui Reiki Master & Kundalini Reiki II Practitioner
  • Adult Novelty Expert
  • Media Personality
  • She’s Been Where You Are
Paige Diamond
Paige DiamondSexpert | Sex Coach | Author
Mission: Revolutionize the way sexuality is viewed, approached and expressed worldwide.

Philosophy: Sexuality is the most intimate, creative, private and sacred part of our being. We must be empowered to take control of this very essential part of ourselves in order to grow. By bridging the gap between the sexual and the spiritual, we give ourselves permission to live holistically and be our true selves.

Some of Paige’s Highlights

Launched in 2009, The Sensual Cipher was created, produced and hosted by Paige Diamond to serve as a forum for her and other generations who wanted a fresh perspective on sexuality. Aimed at creating balance between the sexes, The Sensual Cipher tackled a myriad of concerns from the kinky to the societal norms and how pop culture deals with sexuality. Paige Diamond has had the opportunity to interview a host of celebrities ranging from the adult entertainment, music, television and radio industries. The show is still in high demand and may just make a re-appearance. Stay tuned.
Paige Diamond was a resident sexpert for two internet radio stations giving tips, techniques and knowledge of all things sexual. She appeared on Developmental Sound Lab based out of New York, NY and Urban Sound Radio based out of Los Angeles, CA.
Originally published in the summer of 2012, Girl Get Over Yourself is Paige Diamond’s first book she authored. With a strict focus on women taking their power back in their bedroom, it definitely gets straight down to the self sabotage that can prevent satisfaction. Within a few days, Dude Get Over Yourself was released for men. Both books are scheduled for re-release the summer of 2016, providing some additional insight and information. In the winter of 2014, Sensual Playbook was released as an eBook to help reintroduce the creative element that is many times neglected in the bedroom. This book not only serves as your playbook but was written to empower readers to find their own versions of the tips, techniques and strategies given.
Many assume when you hear the terms sexpert and sex coach, that they are self proclaimed titles. Paige Diamond entering into the sexuality industry was originally brought on by selling adult novelties to fund the dream of owning her own bath and body product line. Though it was only supposed to be a means to an end, she found herself breaking down barriers in people’s relationship with themselves and their partners, hence changing lives. It’s only when her clients started calling her a sexpert that she took on the title as her own as it was proven she earned that title. From there she went on to learn how to classically coach to infuse those techniques into her already thriving business of transforming bedrooms and mindsets. To Paige, the highest accomplishment of all time is someone saying how her purpose to bring normalcy and authenticity to sexuality on a personal level has breathed new life into a person as a whole, beyond the bedroom.

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