Masturbation as meditation? It sounds totally off base to think that it can right?

I mean isn’t meditation all about clearing your mind? How in the hell can I meditate while masturbating in the heat of lust? I totally get it and using masturbation as meditation can seem totally off base. I’m sure you have those questions and believe me I’m about to break that shit down for you RIGHT NOW!

If you know me, you know I’m HUGE on sexuality intertwining with spirituality. Sex is the most spiritual act that you can engage in, in this body. It gives you a direct connection to divine creative energy at the highest level. A common misconception is that sex isn’t sex if it doesn’t involve another person which is totally WRONG. Masturbation is a form of sex…another name for it is manual sex.

Sexuality Is my Religion

When it comes down to meditation, meditation is really about being totally present in the body and not the mind. Meditation is the art of taking in energy from the environment around you and beyond, while prayer is the art of putting out energy into the environment around you and beyond. Now these are my definitions… if you can dig it cool…if not, that’s cool too. I like to simplify things because otherwise we can be here all day yanno what I”m sayin’?

So how does masturbation work as meditation?

For one, when you decide to try this practice, do not enter into it with a lustful mind. The reason why you do not want to do this, is because you’ll get caught up in achieving orgasm in the session versus really being in the body.  The trick with meditation is concentration on the breath, a mantra or music to remove you from the activity of the mind. When you masturbate as meditation, you are being mindful of the breath while you allow your hands to explore.

What this accomplishes is a heightened sense of connection in the present moment, mindfulness and the ability to manifest clarity of mind. Whether you orgasm or not isn’t the goal… it is the benefit of the hormonal and sexual energetic rush you experience that connect you to divine energy within yourself.

Next time you meditate, try masturbating with the intention of clarity, balance, peace and manifestation of your highest good. Be patient with yourself. If all of your thoughts are still going 1000 mph, that’s normal…just let them pass by. Stay in your breathing and focus your attention on the sensations you feel.  For more on mindfulness and meditation click the link!

Would you or have you used masturbation as meditation? I’d love to hear from you below in the comments OR if it’s too personal and you’d like to share, hit me up on the contact’s page with the subject line Masturbation As Meditation!

~Peace, Passion & Pleasure