We’re human. We make mistakes and oral sex mistakes aren’t the end of the world.

Oral Sex for many is a joyous experience but if you know like I know, you’ve probably experienced some oral sex nightmares as well.

I realize a lot of men have learned their oral sex technique from pornography and sadly that is a poor education if that’s your ace in a hole. So I wanted to do this quick post on 4 Oral Sex Mistakes Men Make and hopefully it’ll put an end to this fuckery. I mean for real…this shit has got to stop! Without further delay, let’s get to it…

  1. Pointing Your Tongue: It may seem like the best technique when trying to get the man in the boat to come out and say hello but in actuality, you may be sabotaging yourself. Stop treating the vagina as if the clitoris is all that matters. The vagina has a ton of nerve endings all over it, not just in the clitoris. When you’re giving head, be sure to flatten out your tongue rather than point it, so that way you are now stimulating the labia majora and labia minora (lips) as well as the U-spot (urethra)…. you may even stimulate the vaginal opening if you lick from the bottom to the top.
  2. Licking Politely: As a woman, I’m going to tell you straight up…don’t be all civil when eating a woman up. We don’t like that. It seems like either you’re afraid of going down on us or you’re doing it because you think that’s what we want. No one wants sympathy head…I don’t care how much they may like it. So if you’re going down on a woman and you’re licking her vaj like a kitten licking milk out of a small bowl… EPIC FAIL FOR YOU! Ravish her. Slurp. Slob. Make sounds. We like that shit.
  3. Not Using Your Hands: In order to make oral sex more explosive, you can’t just let your mouth do the exploring….use your hands. Whether that’s pinning her thighs down with your elbow to spread her wider and running your hands down her sides, massaging/grabbing her breasts, sticking a finger inside of her or hell even using one hand to touch yourself…. its a win/win. It shows you’re into her and into what you’re doing. We love enthusiasm just like you guys do!
  4. No anticipation: Look, you can’t give head how you want head to be given to you. A lot of men aren’t down for the tease, they prefer their partner to just go straight for the D. This is a teachable moment right now… just because that’s how you’d prefer oral sex to begin, doesn’t mean women do. Keep in mind, the average woman takes between 5-25 mins of foreplay to be totally aroused to have sex. Part of the foreplay aspect is the arousal that anticipation and teasing provides. Run your nose around and lick between her inner thighs while taking quiet breaths when you move from one thigh to the next, so the vaj may quiver a little from the feeling of your breath. Take a page from my Sensual Playbook and nibble through her panties a bit. Anticipation is the secret sauce to turning up your oral sex game.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest (Ladies you can thank me in the comments lol), guys tell me what you think? Have you made those mistakes before? What are some other mistakes you think are made when it comes to pleasing a woman orally? I look forward to seeing what you think in the comments… if it’s too private, hit me up on the Contact Page¬†with the subject like 4 Oral Sex Mistakes.

~Peace, Passion & Pleasure