Tap Into Your Sexual Power & Rebel Against The Norm 

If you can’t be free to be who you really are in your bedroom, where can you be free? It’s time to stop acting like you don’t deserve to be satisfied. The truth is, you don’t have to act and be a certain way to have pleasure. It’s time to flip the script!


I am Sexpert, Sex Life Coach and Author Paige Diamond.

Although I am based in sexy South Florida, I have clients world wide.  I’m all about helping you break down the barriers in your bedroom. We all have them but the test is what you do when it happens to you. Will you allow it to break you? Be different! Invent your own sex life! Stop following everyone else’s script for your sexy! If you don’t you’ll never reach the heights of pleasure you desire, deserve and crave.

Get to know me a bit more, I’m more like you than you think!

Are You Ready?

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4 Oral Sex Mistakes Men Make & Should Avoid

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How Masturbation Can Be Meditation

November 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

Masturbation as meditation? It sounds totally off base to think that it can right? I mean isn't meditation all about clearing your mind? How in the hell can I meditate while masturbating in the heat [...]

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“See What People Are Saying About Paige Diamond”

I experienced my first R.A.W. Call yesterday and it was insightful! What did I take away? I have to change my perception of how I think about and approach my/our sexual experience. The mind is a powerful thing and it’s extends itself in the bedroom/kitchen/tile lol. I was listening. Thank you Paige
Nicole F.
I just finished reading Girl Get Over Yourself and I love it. Paige always hits the nail on the head and always makes me think about bettering myself sexually and individually. She hit on some major points and I could see myself through the pages. I’m really glad to know Paige, she has the greatest insight and to know that she expresses it so freely is definitely inspiring.
Mia M.
Paige is KILLING IT! She keeps speaking the truth and she knows her sh*t. Paige is doing a great job. There’s many other ways to say this but congrats!
Daniel B.
I’ve been following the Sex Coach for almost 5 years now and she is one of the most brilliant and raw minds in sexual philosophy. While I’ve never had personal coaching from her, her books, blogs, videos, and calls continue to push me to dig past the physical aspect of sex in my relationship. By fostering conversations about sex out of what society deems normal, Paige is pushing a community in the right direction to form healthier relationships.
Michael M., Author
Thank you so much Paige for enlightening me. You are a beautiful woman in and out. Had it not been for your creativity I might not have truly self reflected today. She is so brave and in your face and I love it, we need more women like her that’s willing to go against the grain.
Nicole B., Developer NASA
A Paige Diamond Event – exciting, engaging and provocatively enlightening, to say the least! Paige made everyone feel comfortable while simultaneously encouraging us all to explore our inner “tigress”! ;-)) The activities kept us on the edge of our seats… By the end of the event, I believe everyone left more knowledgeable, confident, excited and motivated about fulfilling a more happier romantic life! Can’t wait for the next “get-together”!
Christina S.
Paige hosted a Ladies Night event for me. She was professional, well organized, and very knowledgeable. The activities we participated in were very creative, none like any other I’ve experienced in the past. We had a blast. The information she shared with the ladies has them still talking about it to date. Thanks Paige for delivering a memorable, fun filled night. I can’t wait for my next event!
Susan F.
I’d like to take a moment and praise Paige for the amazing job she did hosting my event. She’s extremely professional yet at the same bubbly personality made my guests comfortable and warranted participation and made my event a roaring success. She truly “great” at what she does and I would most definitely have her again and again.
Tamika R.
I love Paige’s upfront, honest approach to sex! Her books & convos are informative. Keep educating the people Paige.
LaTanya C.
I just want to say thank you. I got some good tips from the Sensual Playbook that I’m going to apply to my next relationship. Paige is a mastermind when it comes to the topic of s.e.x.
Nisha M.
Paige Diamond is a gifted young lady who approaches sex in a positive, fun way. She operates with professional integrity. She draws you into understanding sex isnt taboo but should be appreciated by mature individuals. As a religious leader, I can also applaud her approach to a spiritual connection in sexuality.
Reginald W., Pastor
When I moved to Europe and used what Paige Diamond has taught me to identify what I like and what pleases me, I became more open about sharing my sexual side with my partners. I intentionally looked for partners that were open minded and thoughtful in the bedroom. It was fireworks! They were willing to explore and more mutually focused, so sex became way more exciting and fun….not a chore.
Ashley M.