Girl get over yourself: how to get out of your own way & stop killing your sex life

Girl Get Over Yourself is a concise yet insightful read, that will not only put you on your toes but inspire a new level of sexual confidence that may have been dormant. This book helps with common issues like sympathy sex, not being assertive sexually and more.

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Dude  get over yourself: how to get out of your own way & get laid more

If you are looking for honest, humorous and down to earth insight about male sexuality from a female point of view, look no further. Sexpert Paige Diamond takes her uncensored approach to sexuality and takes men through a journey of simple truths that can revive a their sex lives.

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Sensual Playbook: 20 Techniques, Tipa & Strategies to Take Your Bedroom from Boring to Bangin’

The Sensual Playbook was written to not only help you get out of the cycle of basic and boring sex but also to give you a foundation from which you can build upon.

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Your Main Message

Your sexuality is as natural as breathing every breath you take. Society constantly bombards us with unrealistic standards for sexuality and we’ve accepted these standards as facts.¬† Reclaim your sexuality for yourself and define what a healthy, satisfying sex life is for you. No excuses!